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New Update (Dec 21/2012):
Thought it was about time to update this.

Long story short after much dodging about and being blocked on most of her many alternate pages (DA etc) and a million excuses I finally got fed up, used the information that I had gathered (Thank you to those who helped me track her address down) I contacted the police department who then forwarded me to a different department that deal with her specifically. I have not as yet pressed any actual charges but I did get a good response on what to do should I still wish to go that route at some point.

I then took that information and confronted her with it to which she claimed she would 'finish' the art piece owed but was 'busy' etc. Of course as usual she claims she doesn't have much time and wasn't working on anything else, at which point I pointed out the MANY pieces she's been doing in the meantime on her DA, Inkbunny and other accounts. After this point she coloured in part of the sketch and provided me with what amounted to a well done and detailed bust, when the agreed upon merger from both the auction and the paid coloured sketch was to be for what the Auction first detailed (Full body, high detail with background). She then started claiming she wasn't working on anything else while at the same time going about her usual antics of accepting and posting lots of newer commissions and she continues to do so while once more refusing to finish what she owes.

At this point however I'm debating on just writing this off and leaving this here as a warning. Yes she's 'paid up' to some and seems to get far less complains now, but she's still at her old tricks and I doubt that will ever change.

Still not happy but honestly with my father's failing health and my attempts to get into the military it's no longer worth my time perusing. That said if anyone else ever has trouble with her in the future, feel free to contact me and I'll be more than happy to share what information I have gathered and archived.


So shortly after I sent her the message she got back to me and supposedly she forgot to contact me in regards to feedback on the sketch at the time. We've had a fair bit of back and forth since and a deadline was agreed upon for completion of the work. I suppose due to real life or some such this journal actually did not go up until some time after I'd had said communication with her yesterday so hopefully the timing of it wont confuse matters.

Still, I'm keeping the original bit down below.

In either case it seems there may well be some resolution to the situation in the near future. Ultimately, I've given her 6 months to finish up and I'll do what I can to give her what ever feedback she needs etc. I just wish things hadn't ever had to get to this point, but that's what it is.

Going by what I've seen however of her lately, it may well be just that people who she owes art or what ever to at this point just need to start trying to talk to her again. She's so far owned up to most of the outstanding work I've heard of, though not all. Again people shouldn't have had these issues to begin with. Still, it seems she's willing to deal with what ever backlog she has, even if it's only a few people at a time.

Original entry:

So here's a little update for everyone on what's been going on with Star and I.

Flatly put, she's been ignoring me, and once, some time ago posted a very, very crude sketch of ONE owed piece of art some time back, which I wouldn't have even known about had a friend of mine not pointed it out to me, as she never even mentioned it to me in anyway shape or form.

I last paid her on February 27th, 2010.

I have since given her official notice that I am instituting a deadline for completion of not just the one, but BOTH owed pieces of art by no later than February 27th 2011 in an acceptable manner (IE Produces the art owed at the level of quality initially agreed upon, not something she just rushed through). I have also notified her that should she fail to meet this deadline, I expect a full reimbursement for the money I paid her by no later than 6 months in either partial payments spread out over that 6 month period, or as a single lump sum. I have also indicated that I would accept a full refund at this time as termination of the agreement, and that I am not at present seeking interest on the money paid.

Now, I'm willing to accept some minor degree of negotiation on the matter, but not much given what I've come to learn of her past and present behaviour.

I also feel it's entirely fair to expect that given her present rate of completing brand new commissions, it's entirely reasonable to expect that she complete the artwork she owes me in a one year period. Doubly so when one takes into account the artwork she does under her real life identity.

Also, considering that she can afford to pay significant advertising fees in various professional art magazines, apparently regularly attends various artistic conventions and has numerous print accounts and other apparent sources of income, I flat out don't buy her stories of financial trouble, or otherwise feel that even if she has some financial issues, she's entirely capable of repaying me the money I paid her for the work.

Cause you know what? I'm sure as hell not rich either and I've got debts too.
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