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Beware of this artist

so here I am, this is the first time i come here, and Ii gonna post the links and evidence of all proof that i have,
and I will post my previous journal about an artist here to keep the flame at minimum. so here goes

an artist plug in bamby made a journal, lets just say I commish him about 6 months ago, and i paid him upfront, I keep asking for wip he keep saying "tomorrow" or "tonight" something like that, and I also noticed he removed me from the commission list quite a few times, but....let me link you to the original journal he had started first on november 10
PS: I'm on indonesia and all the time in the pic is from my timezone GMT+7

as you can see in the journal he promised to refund me in only a few days, but more on that later

And below this line is my journal i posted on around 2 weeks ago here

will be using LJ cut now from this section, below is a very long post
now read my version of the story
there are a few points that need to be explained

I start commissioning him and paid him 45$ on 6/5/10 which means about 6 months ago

1. no WIP in 6 months and almost no communication after october
after the date i commissioned him until today, i had only contacted him on msn 11 times until today
7 times on june we sometimes chat, and also I asked if i may see the wip, but he did not show it. Despite the fact he said he is working on it and will show it soon
4 times on october i chat to him but there was no response, after that it's total silence because I never saw him online anymore

I also noted him about 6 times, 3 he replied saying he will show me wip the day after he replied, 3 with no response

but after all those note and msn he has never showed me any WIP at all (not email, not imageshack, not anything)

this is the only wip I have seen to this date, and that is only because the artist posted that link on the journal where he complained about me

before that he never showed me anything at all

2. Blocked once and removed from the commission list 3 times

this is the part that angers me,
I noticed 3 times he removed me from the commission list when he made journal about whose commission he is working on,
the first time he removed me from the commission list he block me too in the process

however he put me back in and removed the block,
the second time I let it slide and waited patiently,
the third time happen yesterday

the weird thing about it, when i asked him what happen he said he forgot sometimes, but why only I'm the one who is always left out?

3. 6 months he is still active
I keep seeing his gallery, and i saw him has been ....what? making other people's commission and personal images in the last 6 month? see for yourself
don't blame me if i got angry, but seeing his gallery keep updated with other people commission, why he hasn't been working on mine instead?

now for the stuff that he lied/forgot about
1. the artist NEVER mentioned a deadline
he didnt tell me how long it would take,
in one note (july 26th) he said the image wip is 70 or 75 percent done and will be done in a week, but until today as you can see on the link above, thats the WIP so far

I do not ask him to finish it in an instant or in only a month or a few week, he is the one who keep saying "will be done tomorrow, will be done in a week", all I want is for him to show me some progress in a while. that is my right for i had paid him in full, and I didn't ask it rudely either which brings me to number 2

2. Don't make false deadline you can't keep :/

3. It is true I did not set deadline as well, however no wip in 6 months at all?
I mean I know as a commissioner i should be patient but this is just over the line.
i'm not asking for a detailed over the line wip, even a rough draft pencil line is okay :/

Someone wise once said if an artist have personal trouble in real life than an artist should have let people know if he/she will postponed the commission.
Not waiting for the commissioner for contacting the artist.

And you see what happens here? I ended up asking him for wip whenever possible :/

PS: I know he had trouble where his kitty fall out the window or balcony and need surgery or something, but thats because i read it in his journal. He ended up opening an auction or commission batch which made him taking many commission and personally I think that made my commission moved back a little behind the line of work, which again...he should have let me know!

4. The artist himself is the one who said the price is 45$
he said he had other commitments with other commissioner who "paid higher" but hey he is the one who offered the price 45$ in the first place

well...thats all the facts i have pointed out, I still have the note, msn logs, and proof of all his actions :/
he said he'll pay me back in a few days, i respect that
but he said in his journal "I should keep some money for my labor even if it is in the slightest bit."

really? after 6 months and all the lying and this is the image?
after seeing that and he also blocked me atm (yeah he blocked me at this moment so i can't contact him again. and he said he'll pay me back in a few days on a note, but we will see on the promise)
I expect him to pay me back at least 42$ or 40$ the least :/

PS: I am also reclaiming the character "selene" the AI which the idea I have given to the artist mentioned in this journal. I have the log to prove that I came up with the idea originally

I was not going to bring this matter public but he brought it in public first, and i'm not going to let myself take all the blame and be disgraced without people hearing my side of the story
also he blocked me, so there's  no way i can respond to him
so now...dear artist, commissioner, watcher, and everyone else, after you see my side of the story what do you think?

okay so that was the journal i posted
after i posted the journal the artist made a second journal and removed his original one, blaming me for starting the whole thing
i'm also blocked in november 10, so i have no way to communicate to him on fa

and then he suddenly immediately dissappear as you can see, even until today

when he dissappear I contacted paypal and I made a second journal because paypal said they cant refund me after 45 days transaction period

this is my second journal about him
you can see there in the last section plug in bamby said himself that he had paid me like a few days ago before i post that journal
, and he refund me more than he should, however until THIS day i have not received any fun refunds at all

as you can see he said he made the new account based on his military service needs him to do
but the account is also made on 10 november on the date, the exact date he suddenly disappear, he only told me about his new account in that journal response

now for the transaction
This was the transaction i did to him 6 months ago

and this is the history "receive" transaction i have until today

now during all these intriguing things going on, in the second journal as you can see a certain other fa user keep on saying and defending plug in bamby and said he/she has proof that pluginbamby did paid me back
I even have another fa user who send me a flame note who said the same thing that he/she has the proof

but when i ask those 2 people and plug in bamby  about the paypal unique transaction code, all 3 seems to evade my question

after waiting for 2 weeks, its only fair i post his name here
he also found on DA with this name
(and i have been reporting to admin about the theft as well about this matter but i hear from a friend one reported negative violation is not enough to get him banned)

also I know this is probably silly for making all this for just 45$ dollar refund, but I'm from indonesia and in here thats quite a lot of cash :(

soo okay at this moment thats all the proof i can think off, if anything more happen i will post more here,
also this is the first time i post something like this and the first time too on artist beware, so for moderator please let me know if I do the post by the rules or is there something i need to fix?
also i cant seem to add tags on this entry, is that right? o.o

thank you

kiala tiagra


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