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starfinder update

She sent me this note on FA this morning. I'm not holding my breath. Meh. This is the note and below it, my response.


Can you explain to me what is going on here? I want to know what an admin has to do with our own issues? Please explain, as I'm not too pleased. Thanks.

I'm not pleased, especially since others are all over it now. :/

- K

Yes, I posted about you on Artists Beware. What did you expect me to do after waiting 13 months with no contact or updates? What you've redlined out of that, they're talking about some FA AUP changes, not you. If you want to change how people see you, then I suggest refunding me completely or finishing the piece.


I finally got another response from her, only after having to leave a shout on her page.


I'm sorry, but refunds are not possible. I don't normally offer those anyhow, especially if work has been done on the piece, as it's not fair to me. The time put into it is not free. That said, you couldn't have picked a worse time to ask, and it's a bit disappointing to assume that I don't need the money too. We now have a sick pet, and yesterday my boyfriend was denied for the $10,000 student loan he applied for. We were planning to use that money to pay rent and survive for the next few months. Now that we're not getting that, the burden will fall on me to provide for us as I am the only one with an income. :/

I can work to finish your piece ASAP, but since work has already been done on it, I can't issue a refund anymore. Sorry. Hate me all you wish, but I have to live/eat too and $80 is a TON of groceries, or whatever other expense it may go to.

I apologize that I have been slow, I have to balance working on old backlog stuff with new stuff, as the new stuff supplies me with continuos income. If I worked only on backlog stuff, I'd be pretty screwed when my bills come and I haven't made any new money to pay for them.

I'll try to grab a screenshot/crop of it this weekend to upload/show you. I haven't been active much this past week-2 weeks due to personal events.

- K

ustream chat @ 2120 EST:

9:31 cyberwuffy: I'm sorry you lost a pet, but you obviously have the ability to pull in money to pay me bakc the full $80. As well as your other money needs. If I were a dick, I would post an A_B link in your chan.
9:31 KannosWD: I alreadyd did some of the work though..
9:31 KannosWD: Why should I eat the cost of labor that is done?
9:32 KannosWD: That's not fair. I didn't spend that time for free
9:32 cyberwuffy: You never bothered to update me, or communicate. I'll take a partial refund if you can show me what's been done on the piece.
9:32 KannosWD: And you don't know my money needs, nor my boyfriend's, so please don't judge
9:32 KannosWD: All I can do is partial/half refund and you will get the half-colored file
9:33 cyberwuffy: Life isn't fair. That is fine, but I'd need it within a week.
9:34 KannosWD: I can say the same to you, about life not being fair. :P
9:34 KannosWD: and spare me the fake sympathy about the pet. If you really cared, you'd at least wait till after all this to heap this on me, not in the midst of my stress/grief
9:35 cyberwuffy: I've waited thirteen months. I'm patient, but I've got money issues too. And everybit helps. And I am genuinely sorry for your pet. I have several.
9:36 KannosWD: besides..the commission I am streaming now was pre-paid for a week ago. Those funds had nothing to do with the pet, they went to groceries so my boyfriend and I can eat
9:37 KannosWD: Unless collections calls you daily, and you have credit that is so piss poor you can't even get student loans, like my boyfriend and I currently are dealing with, then your issues aren't as bad.
9:37 KannosWD: Please don't assume we are rolling in money, or I can 'make money easily'
9:37 KannosWD: Our debts/expenses far outweigh my income
9:38 cyberwuffy: You're certainly a talented artist. You just need to learn to communicate better with your clients. I really need the money within the week. I'll get out of your fur.
9:39 KannosWD: Well I will do my best within a week, but I make no guarantees
9:39 KannosWD: a week is rather short notice given that all my bills (cell, credit cards) are due at the middle-end of the month
9:39 cyberwuffy: okay. Thank you.
9:40 cyberwuffy: December 1st is fine.
9:41 KannosWD: In the event that I find the time to finish the piece (quite possible) what will be done with it?
9:42 KannosWD: I may be able to finish it this coming week, assuming nothing else pops up
9:42 cyberwuffy: It will be archived and eventually posted.
9:42 KannosWD: yes, but if it's finished, then my end is done, no? I won't refund if the work is done
9:43 cyberwuffy: Yes. That is correct.
9:43 KannosWD: Not sure how you go about posting, too. Would I be able to share it on FA?
9:45 cyberwuffy: That is fine.
Tags: artist-starfinder/-star-/astray/kannos, beware, resolved

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