Dirty Coydog (peas_n_rice) wrote in artists_beware,
Dirty Coydog

Another Update: Immortal Moon Studio / Kandy_Fosky

(NOTE: I've been keeping the main post updated as things progress and new posts are made)
IMS finally responded to me, after I left a link to my original a_b post on her page. In a testament to her usual business practice, she swiftly removed the shouts (which are posted in the OP now) from displeased customers from her page.

This is the comment she left on my page.

This was my response left on her page.

This is the note I received with my reply.

Here's the newest journal posted about this, I assume if I leave a comment on it defending myself she'll block me, so I'll just cap it and post it here. (More 'caps seems like better than not having them)

As it stands she's threatened to block me and refuse to ship my items. Pretty much all I can do now is keep updating the situation here to inform and hopefully encourage other would-be commissioners to avoid her at all costs.
Tags: artist-immortalmoonstudios/kandy_fosky, beware, fursuit
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