Jessica Curtis (jcurtis) wrote in artists_beware,
Jessica Curtis

Get the payment first! Even if it's a best friend.

In March, I had a friend contact me because she wanted a commission for the cover of her book. I agreed to do it, and took down what she was looking for.

I gave her no guarantees when it would be done, but told her I would try my best to get it to her in time.

Then I get another call from her where she said she had many people "beg" to do the cover for her book, so what she was going to do was accept all "entries" and choose the best one.

So I decided to blow it off. I wasn't up for competition. It wasn't worth it to me.

In the beginning of April, my family was moving, and two days in our new apartment, I get a call from her saying she needs the cover ASAP.

I work my butt off on this commission for 8 hours straight that day. I hadn't any time for my husband or son. The day after it was done, I found a neighbor that had a scanner I could borrow, and I sent the image to her through e-mail.

What happens?

A day or two later, I get a call from her saying that the publisher had a better idea for a cover. That they're going to use a photograph of a real life scene based on her idea for the cover.

I was stunned. This was a very good friend of mine, who I had trusted would pay me after the work was done, and I wound up wasting 8 hours of my life for nothing!!

Lesson learned: Get the payment first, or at least HALF of the payment first so you're guaranteed something for your time.
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