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May 27th I had posted up an icon idea called pokepuffs. They are just simple little fat drooling pokemon.

I soon after, get noted by Blue_snow_leopard asking for the lucario I drew. It had already been sold and I'm not making any doubles (besides shinys) of the pokemon. I apologised and she asked if she could reserve some.

I hesitantly agreed, assuming she was reserving like, 5 or so of them... no.. 32 of them..
She swore she'd pay for them all, so I agreed to hold them for a while for her, again assuming I'd be holding them for 1 or 2 months.

From there I accidentally drew 2 she had reserved, I got a note about it and did what I could to fix the situation:

Now, also, you'll notice she said she'd be sending $40 I had only received 20. So I figured I'd wait for the second 20 since it sounded like 2 parties were paying.

She after that had asked me to switch out her cindiquil she bought for a quilava, which I didn't mind since I messed up earlier by selling one she had reserved.

About 2 months later she asks me about the icons, referring to getting more than the 20 she actually paid me. I let her know that I only got 20 of the 40 she promised and that would only get her 4, and that I was waiting for the second 20 before I started on the batch. She apologies and tells me her friend didn't pay. (I wish she would have told me sooner)

After that, it took me a while (too long) to get to doing them. Since she never really told me which to do out of the group I picked myself. And got them all done for her and sent.

I didn't hear from her for a while after that, and I can't just hold the pokemon for her forever, but decided to wait it out a little longer.

I get an IM from her today, wanting the rest of her pokemon. I reminded her that she only paid for 4 of them and I had already finished those 4, and that I was willing to hold the rest for 2 more weeks before releasing them and starting up doing my pokepuff icons again without worry of having to tell people that actually have money on hand that I can't give them that pokemon because someone who's been holding them since May still wants them but can't pay for them.

Here's the IMs.

She fought with me over messenger, and tried to pull a guilt trip and tell me I'm insensitive when I let her know that after 5 or so months of reserving these things, she had 2 weeks to get which ones she wanted before I released them from reserve.

Here's proof she's been online, and uploading stuff, so she had the chance to let me know what was going on.

I don't know, I tried to be nice, I thought that 2 weeks would be fair.

I honestly am not sure if I'm in the wrong here or not. But I do know she gave me quite a fight, and a lot of trouble over little icons...

So just a little beware, it sounds like she uses her disability money for art. (or something) And pulls big guilt trips to make the commissioner feel bad about not getting exactly what she wants.
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