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Not a beware, just a tough question for me.

This is not a beware post about anyone, just a small pickle I've found myself in and I wanted to get some advice before I moved forward.

So, I make plushies -- crocheted plushies. They take me a looong time and consequently it takes me a long time to get through my queue. I've been closed for commissions for a while so I can catch up with what I have.

When I first started I charged like literally next to nothing -- like *supply costs* for them. Relatively recently I raised my costs to a more reasonable level so that I actually get some profit, but for the larger plushies especially it still doesn't really compensate me for my time. Whatever. I plan on figuring that out when I open again. (I charge around $65 now for plushies that are generally around 15" tall.)

Some around last year I was commissioned for a *really* rather large plushie -- 3.5 feet including the ears! It also needs to have wings, which is a rather big extra for a plushie because they are a lot of work. Most of my plushies just include the four limbs, tail, etc. I agreed to do it because I was excited about doing something so large. It would be a really cool project to showcase, you know? But this was still at a time when I was really undercharging myself and actually terrified to ask for money lol. I still sort of am. I have some issues with anxiety and communicating with people is hard enough already for me. Lul.

Anyway, I asked her $200 plus shipping costs (which I said we'd figure out what they were later). I told her it was a really big project and I had a long list ahead of her already but that I would start it when I got to it and couldn't really even guesstimate a time when it would be finished because I'd never done something like that before and it was huge hahaha.

ANYWAY. It was really months and months later and I still hadn't gotten to it much besides buying the supplies for it and fiddling around with a pattern and starting the base. She noted me on FA and let me know that she ran into some money problems and asked for a refund, which I totally understood and refunded her everything except what I spent on supplies for her (which was around $50). I also told her that of course if she wanted to in the future I would not charge her again for supplies, which I think is fair.

That was pretty much just background, though, so here's the question -- she just messaged me again today saying that she is in a better place financially and that she is interested in the project again. I would totally have no problem taking on the commission again except for two things, and this is what I need help with -->

1. I would pretty much be obliged to put her on the bottom of the list again. It wouldn't really be fair to other people who have been waiting such a long time to have such a huge project put ahead of them.
2. I... don't know if I feel comfortable only asking $200 now. :/ (Well, I would get $150 now since I will not charge her for supplies again). Only getting $150 for such a monumental project that will take me WEEKS of work (I anticipate it taking more time than the *partial fursuit* that I made myself recently. :/) is just not worth it for me.

So, I guess what I'm asking is... what should I do? I am mostly concerned about asking for more money and I don't even know if it would really be proper to do that. I quoted her originally at $200 and I feel pretty obligated to stick to that quote, even though I've really reevaluated the worth of my time since then. I mostly just don't want to be rude to her. I don't even know for sure that she would object to being charged more! I just want to make sure I'm not a jerk or something. It's sort of an odd situation and I just wanted advice, haha. :/
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