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Commissioned 9 months ago.

EDIT: Please stop leaving comments, the issue is resolved.

I purchased an auction worth 100$ to help Shadowsani back in February. During that time I've been very, very patient. Saying hello, how are you, etc over Skype. Getting constantly told that he will work on it "when he has time" or "if he can find time to do it".
 And then suddenly on September, I completely lose contact with Shadow, and I go to talk to his Master/friend Sykes and I get told that Shadow is blocking all communication until the end of October for some reason. Well, its now November. I can't open a dispute on Paypal because it's been longer than 45 days (congrats for fooling me for longer than that.)

I did get a nice deal from one of Shadow's other auctions where I got 4 fully colored images for just $100 (which also took a long time to be completed) but as the community rules say, a bad transaction is a bad transaction, so here I am. 

The auction I paid for is gone, and I can't leave feedback for it because it's been erased from the databanks I suppose. But his furbuy is shadowedxrunes and he had one auction in July shown here:

and just in case it gets deleted soon, heres a screenshot (warning, NSFW)

I'm also having trouble with another FA user named visualcommodity who I met on the furry website who posted a picture of Sierra Starpaw on the board, accepted a payment from me, and then closed off all contact. His name is Anthony Visconte and he got $45 usd off of me.

I will post edits/updates as they come around, hopefully everything will be resolved peacefully

Edit: visualcommodity contacted me just 10 minutes ago and I understand that he had net problems yesterday. hopefully he will complete the commission I asked for. :L

Edit #2: Contact re-established with Shadowsani. Refund received.
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