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Need advice - Book covers

Hello, all! I am coming to you with an inquiry as to what I should do (I'd like to take this commission on) as well as what prices I should be charging. I don't want to sell myself short, but I also don't want to sell too high.

I got an email from an interested commissioner asking if I would do book covers for six novels that he's writing. I've never done this before, so I'm not quite sure what the legalities and whatnot would be included. He states that I would get full rights to the pictures as well as he'd give me credit, so I don't have any inclination to think it's a scam.

On Saturday, November 06, 2010 08:27:16 you wrote:
> Hello there!
> I appreciate your interest! Yes, I am still open for commissions. I've
> attached my commission prices below for your convenience (link here):
> I'm pretty free as far as what content you'd like. Also, it sounds like an
> interesting project. I would love to live in a world like that!
> ~~Milli

His e-mail:

Super fantastic! I really like some of your work, which I'm referencing here
with some comments, then you give some mock-ups which I've already done and a
little synopsis. Then, let me know what your imagination thinks of and the
media you're thinking of and the specific prices.

perhaps too dark but I like
the detail is wonderful
would want a little more
'normal' eyes

throwing this out there as the
style is an interesting difference but which is probably too light-hearted.

ah! lovely in attitude, but
is too light hearted

very nice body and face

another different style that I

Now, I have plans for six books as outlined below, so continuity is important
although we'll probably only start with the first book. I've pulled together
some covers for all six based on the overall theme of each book, but of course
I do not have license to these images so can't use them for any
advertising/promotional/etc material. They're not consistent with the aging of
the characters so won't work anyway. That's where you come in! We just can't
use these for what you do either, but inspiration and feeling conveyed should
be legally okay since that's why I chose these particularly images. He inserts examples of what he wants the images to look like

He explains the summaries here

I have stuck with a mostly monotone color scheme, but this is not necessary to
stick with. It seemed appropriate to me but then I'm a layout guy not an
artist. Whether there is a background or not doesn't really matter to me, as
long as it doesn't overpower the primary images. I actually kind of like the
idea of a background as sometimes these look too "simple" to me which is also
what I like about them. Is it possible for you put background on a separate
layer so it can be included or not as the mood fits?

Anyway, please review the information above and let me know your thoughts and
what price you want based on the style/medium that you think will fit best. My
preference is probably for a high quality scalable digital version as will
give the most flexibility if and when it comes to actually publishing.
(although I love the idea of a full size hand-drawn original, but we'll skip
that )

The only licensing from you that I'm looking for right now will be the right
to use on the web (small image with non-obtrusive watermark) for building
public interest in the book and perhaps as limited printed copies (larger non-
watermarked image) solely for the purpose of review and obtaining a publisher.
We will have to have another discussion if and when the book actually is
provided in electronic form (free or for a price) or is published for sale as
you should have the right to some form of royalty payment in those cases. And
naturally, attribution/credit to you as you like in both cases.

Once I have your initial thoughts, final price then I can give you the go ahead
to actually do your drafts, etc. If you also want to provide prices for the
remainder of the covers/backs that is good for my budgetary planning, but I
will only feel comfortable giving the go-ahread with the covers of the first
two books and that image for the back cover first book, so the rest will have
to wait until I get into the details of those books some number of
months/years from now.

I'm hoping your inspiration and creativity are running wild by now!

oh. let me know if you need larger images as I can send them.

Price List + FAQs

I'm also going to be sending him examples of my newer artwork (as all of the pictures he references above are from April) to see if he'd prefer a more realistic type style. Thanks in advance and please let me know if you need anymore information :)
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