Finnegan (finneganhound) wrote in artists_beware,

Commissioned her for a badge... Two Years ago!

Has anyone ever had any problems getting art out of Also known as

At MFF 2008, my boyfriend bought a badge commission from her. She said she'd have it laminated and mailed out to us ASAP.

Here's the badge, which my boyfriend paid $25-$30 for.

I'm getting tired of asking her for it; I've been civil and understanding for a while, but enough is enough. I know she's fallen on hard times and doesn't have a car so she has no means of getting to post office (she also claims to have zero money to mail it with, but she takes new commissions all the time)

So... yeah. I'm just getting a little aggravated.
Tags: artist-gorehund/2x2l, beware
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