That damn dog (dazen_cobalt) wrote in artists_beware,
That damn dog

When is it apporiate to ask for an update?

While I never want to be a "nagging" commissioner which I have never been(at least from what I can gather) I have recently begun to find myself on pins and needles when it comes to asking for an update.  I've only ever asked for an update once and that was three months after payment.  I was just wondering when is it alright to ask?    I figured once a month is appropriate(unless its something huge) and more than acceptable for smaller things such as sketches icons etc etc,  The reason I ask is not only because of the fear of being nagging but also I've seen/heard horror stories about artists pushing those who ask further down their list.  I apologize if this is something that's been covered before.  
Thank you for the time.
Tags: advice for commissioners

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