RATBAT (ratbat) wrote in artists_beware,

on behalf of myself.

I recently discoverd this blog, and found it an interesting read especially the stuff about starfinder ect. forgive me if this seems a little off topic but. i'd like to again appologise on behalf of myself for the cheapo shipping methods i used in the past.
As an artist myself, we all do stupid things sometimes, but lucky some of us do chnge.

about a year ago, i was very poor, and sometimes cheated a customer here and there on shipping costs to save a buck. that was untill 2 peices of art got destroyed in the mail due to my ignorance, one of whitch was a peice of art i loved that i did for limeykat. i refunded her shipping costs promptly and appologized profusely, but the fact still remains that choices i made in the past were unsaticefactory. If your whatching this blog limey, and jason astburry forgive me for my stupid mistakes. times are diffrent now, I now choose sturdy envelopes and tubes, and cardboard packadgeing matirials and make shure they get to people safely.

to all of you, dont let an artist get away with poor or shoddy shipping methods, its still your doller untill you get the product in your hands.

-ratbat out
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