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Health insurance for self employed artists? (USA)

Hey all.

I've been kicking around the idea of openning up an art studio and becoming a full time artist in my own right.  While there are a few snags that I can work out through research (like how to file taxes, insuring your merchandise, how to pay employees, etc) there's one thing I can't figure out on my own.

So full time artists and fursuit builders, what do you do for your health insurance? 

I have a monthly perscription that I can afford without having to purchase insurance, but I -do- however, have to go to the doctor once a year to renew it, and that would be a huge expense I probably couldn't afford.  Then if I got sick, I would take a hit in lab fees, hospitalization, ambulance rides, etc.

Thanks for your input.  And if this is the wrong journal, please just point me to the right one and I'll post there instead.
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