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Advice: Dealing with an evasive person - Part 2

EDIT: His ebay name is heididogns and despite his positive feedback, is not a very good communicator, terrible seller and did not warn me of the things in this post. He is going to be selling a REPLICA of my suit, a black wolf, VERY soon! As he bought 2 heads and made the rest himself. His reserve is $750, and will probably still charge around $100-200 for shipping. IT IS NOT WORTH IT!

See http://community.livejournal.com/artists_beware/382585.html for first half.

So he sent it, I received it AFTER Halloween.  But he did not warn me what was wrong with the suit, even though I had asked.

He then admitted he did not tell me that:

1. It did not come with feet.
2. It did not come with a zipper, but a VELCRO back that rips open easily
3. That the jawset in the head was pretty ruined
4. The moving jaw was ripped from the head, therefore unusable.
5. The eyes are scratched up, and terribly bad to look at visually.
6. The handpaws were not those in the picture, but poorly made new ones.
7. He did not warn me that most of the arms/legs on the suit were made of GOAT fur (he did tell me there was 'a little bit of real animal hair' but not as much as a majority of the legs to the mid calf, and the arm to the mid-forarm from the wrist). Something australia customs thus ripped off the suit.

I could keep on going on my knit-picking, but these are the obvious ones. Its past paypal date, I can't send it back (I think) and ebay said to negotiate a refund with the seller now.

Australia/Canada Post will not do anything about it either. So what should I do? I have a basically unwearable suit without LOADS of fixes, send-back to makers, and extra $$$ which I now do not have after spending $1000 in TOTAL with suit and shipping on this. As in original photos on the ebay listing, it was a perfectly good suit that I bought for $750.

Pictures of damage under the cut!

Face first. You can see the eyes here, but they are scratched up, I can't get a decent photo of that

These are the teeth. I found them in the bottom of the box and just hot glued them in. The edges on the inside were sharp and numerous breaks. Missing the top right fang though.

Heres one tear. I know its just with hot glue and can be fixed but I have bad luck when it comes to these things. The foam from the moving jaw is also showing both sides, and an identical tear on the other side. Moving jaw... I can't really get a photo of that, but its completely unattached from the head, making it unusable. 

I'll state now that I don't pin any blame for the state of this head on the maker, purely because I LOVE her work, and do not believe this could possible be done by the maker herself. 

Also, I could not take photos of the bodysuit as it is at a different location, I have no room here at the moment for it.
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