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Bunny Queen College Edition

About Sequential Art commissions/Comics

Hi everyone!

I'm posting here because this is my first time ever taking a sequential art commission and I have really no idea what to do, so I figured someone could help me out.

An old friend of mine recently approached me to work on his ideas. He saw some of my recent work and decided he wanted me to draw his comics. Since it was finals week, I agreed I'd give it a shot after the new semester started.

Fast forward to last week, where we had a chance encounter on campus. He tells me he's very interested in starting the project and he'll pay for my work. Needless to say I was caught off guard.

I was planning to offer the local hourly rate ($7.35 x 6-8 hrs per page = $44.10-$58.80 per page) which is just enough to cover its art supplies w/ shipping at dickblick.com. The other option to considerably lower the price to consider each page as an inked commission ($10 per page for 10 pages).

A friend recommended I ask for more for profit, but I am quite reluctant because it will be my first job as a freelance comic artist (note: I have worked on private commissions since 2006).

I don't want to cheat my friend out of his hard earned money, but I would like have the experience for future endeavors.

Thank you for reading!
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