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Warning for fairycartel (aka jewelsofmandalay / fancymuse / DIYlocket / other?)

Quick update:
a possible new alias? "Jen Collier" joined roughly 16 minutes AFTER that warning was posted to that site.

ETA: this is also easily a warning thread about etsy's policies on dealing (or... NOT dealing) with scammers and fraudulent sellers on their site.

- -

Another warning, with details.

Back on August 1st I ordered these items from the etsy seller known as fairycartel (who we now know will hide under NUMEROUS names)... to see each listing, copy and paste the 8-digit # to the end of this address:

48611486, 52856410, 52818660, 52818564, 52818214, 52818161, 52717024, 52690122, 52564449, 51531938

On August 17th/18th I sent her a note concerned to how long they were taking to get here and got this reply:

These shipped to New Mexico so I imagine they will arrive sometime this week. Australia parcel post can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks, but the standard is generally two. I did have
a six week parcel arrival but that's quite rare. I expect these will arrive in the next few days. Will that be alright or cause a problem for you or an anticipated project?



By September 5th I knew I had been had as the paypal deadline for opening a dispute was closing soon. I opened a dispute and also left negative feedback via etsy and that very day got a reply from the seller via paypal. Sadly, I didn't take screens of the dispute while it was open (does any one know if I still can, I went into paypal's resolution center to see if they kept histories and I couldn't find one). Basically she accused me of having several accounts in NM and I bought stuff from her as well as other sellers JUST to leave negative feedback.
Here's the feedback I leave for others as a buyer:
Here's the feedback I get from sellers as a buyer:
Here's the feedback I get from buyers as a seller:

Because of the sellers like faircartel my rating is 66%. Seem fair?

Here's a screen of her policy page AFTER I left her negative feedback and opened a dispute:

Around September 6th I found jewelsofmandalay selling the exact objects as fairycartel. Only she was supposedly based in California instead of "Australasia". I shot her a note:
but quickly decided it was too fishy and didn't buy from her afteral (glad now that I didn't).

On September 28th paypal sent me this note:
Hello ####,

We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in your

You have indicated that a partial refund of 0 would be satisfactory.

If the seller's account has insufficient funds to complete the refund owed
to you, please be assured that we will take appropriate action against the
seller's account, which may include limitation of the seller's account

I was logged into paypal EVERY DAY and they never ONCE asked me what refund I thought would be satisfactory while this dispute was going on. I also attempted to ask for advice/warn people via etsy's forums and it was quickly shut down though I don't think I mentioned any names at all. I also reported the items as no shows via etsy's own filing/abuse system but it was clear they don't do much at all as they repeat to file paypal disputes and/or postal disputes. In the end, they weren't helpful at all, they just thanked me for the email and that was it.

In late September (I forget the exact date as my mail doesn't come to the address where I reside for safety issues involving another artist/supplier) I got a strange package from Thailand, dated as having shipped on 15-09-2010. Inside were 5 of the 10 charms I had ordered. The return-mailing address written as " 4 sis supplies thanks for ordering from us!" and inside a note saying "part one of your order via merchant 44802: fairycartel"

I think I've provided all the info that I can, if I'm missing a key piece of evidence just ask and I will try to screen-grab or take a photo of it.

I think it's safe to say that if you see ANYONE selling those little charms- be very careful.

It should also be noted that in the beginning I found out that fairycartel supposedly bought these charms from a "monkeys n mermaids" who also have/had an etsy and ebay shop.
Does anyone else have any more links or aliases associated with this person?

ETA: added a 4th username. Also here's the link where I supposedly called fairycartel out:
(read my post... do I mention names? Nope. Etsy shut it down cause I supposedly did)
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