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This is my first time posting here, since I generally try to avoid talking badly of an artist I have done business with. But I have been waiting a while, and I hope this helps.

Back in February, I did a few Valentines themed requests and trades. Now, my specialty is poetry, and the trades were in exchange for art. Well, of of the ones I accepted was KuroKitten's, and was for a simple badge in return.
I sat down, wrote, re-wrote, typed, and submitted. Then I waited.

Generally I have my rules about the three forms of exchange:
Requests- The time is up to the artist, since they are doing this for nothing in return.
Trades- The time can vary, since technically I did not 'pay' them for their services.
Commissions- Though not a very strict timeline, I hope to receive it not too long after payment (depending on their workload).

Well, I submitted my half of the trade on February 3rd:

Now, I was not in any rush to receive it, but I was hoping for an update, so I pinged her on the 10th of March.
I got a reply back, that she had just moved. Ok, fair enough.
If you move, that takes more importance.

Now, I for some reason got rid of a lot of my notes, so I don't have any before or after the 28th of July, which is when I messeged her again. Again she was moving, and had something happen requiring physical therapy. Ok, that means that she is busy again, so I wish her the best with moving and therapy, and tell her that I do not mind the wait (which by now is scheduled for September).

And...that is where communication stopped.
As of now, it is October 18th, with still nothing.

Now, I had hoped not to say this, and I hope not to have to say it again, but I am dissatisfied with the second party involved, and I have to give a negative review.

Below are the two note entries that I could find saved.

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