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Advice: Dealing with an evasive person? Resolved

UPDATE: So he's sent it, I got photographic proof and a shipping number, despite the harsh email I recieved back for posting this up. Obviously not taking this down as I haven't even mentioned his name etc etc blah. But yes, Shipping DID infact cost $195, the reason was that it was Delivery on signature of Adult, Guranteed shipping arrival of 27th October, and Canada Post will be the carrier the entire way though till it hits Aus, then its FEDEX (I see why it cost so damn much now.) As USPS/UPS and Australia Post could not match the delivery date until 2nd November. Thanks all!

I bought a full-suit of a black werewolf made by temperance and a freelance fursuit maker off ebay, but not from an actual fursuiter, but someone who had used the costume as a halloween costume and decided that he wanted to sell it. I wanted to get it before this years halloween. I bought it in September, having paid the full amount on the 25th September, a full month pretty much just so I knew it would get here in time from Canada to Australia. More behind the cut.

Now i'm just curious. He still hasn't sent it and there is <2 weeks left till Halloween, so I doubt I will get it in time. Now to give you some info, I paid $750USD for this suit as well as $100USD for shipping. Surely $100USD was enough to ship a fullsuit to Australia, my friends only cost $72 from the same place in Canada. Note that this is infact a different person though.

But he has been evasive of my questioning the entire time. I haven't been rude or harsh, just simple questions like:

"Hi there, have you had a chance to post it yet? If so was there a tracking number?" - September 28th

I got no reply.

Then suddenly on the 16th October at 12:10am:

"The money transfer didn't come in before I went away... I just made it home and took the suit to the Post Office to get it out...

Its $107 to send it out by ship... Guaranteed delivery by christmas...
Its $195 to send it by air, guaranteed delivery within 8 days.
I'm willing to get it out today by air, assuming your able to start the process to send me the remaining fee, otherwise I'll send it by ship.
Thanks!" - October 16th, 12:10am

He went away and I wasn't notified. I had told him in previous emails that I would like it before halloween as I have events that I would like him for. And what? $195 for Air Shipping from Canada - Australia? I'm sorry but unless its a 14kg box, and a huge ass box at that, then it would cost that much. I already sent $100 for shipping, so now he wants $95 more. By this time I just want the suit before Halloween, 8 days from the 16th Oct without weekends counted meant it would get there by Halloween. Surely enough I told him to just send it and i'll pay him with paypal as soon as it transfers, telling him that its important to me that he gets it out on time, and SENT.


Just send it by air. I need it by Halloween, personally I think this shipping rate is completely out there, but so long as you provide proof that its been sent and proof of how much the shipping cost i'm happy with it. Photos or scans of a reciept would suffice, I just don't want to spend more money on this right now as these events are unpaid so far.

Please just send the costume, I really would love it before Halloween as I have plenty of events I would like it for.

Thanks." 16th October, 6:34am.

I have yet to get a reply, but damn. This is frustrating. He disappeared for 2 weeks and now I may not get it in time. Just to give a little more info, this guy did have a positive ebay status, (5*) not much, but it still says he was quick to ship etc. I have yet to leave feedback and have marked the item as unreceived until it gets here.

Now how do I deal with this if he hasn't shipped it? I mean, I'd really prefer the costume over the money back, where else am I meant to get a suit before Halloween at this rate? I won it in enough time to pay AND get it shipped here at best, 2 weeks prior to my events. Any advice?

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