starfishstrata (starfishstrata) wrote in artists_beware,

JewelsOfMandalay shop on Etsy

I am sadly in the same boat as many Etsy buyers that paid JewelsOfMandalay, a shop on Etsy, and never received my items.  I have waited over 30 days for the package that I paid for to arrive to my mailbox.  After multiple attempts to gain an estimated date of arrival or any shipping confirmation from the seller, I only received very vague, misleading, confusing and rude responses from the seller.  The seller was hostile and accusatory to me in her communications, which I cannot to this date understand, as she has my money and I have taken nothing from her.  In hard economic times such as these, when I spend my hard earned money I hope that the seller involved is honorable and holds up their end of the contract by delivering the goods sold.  Unfortunately, I am just one of many buyers that this seller has mistreated, taken money from and has not provided a refund or the goods purchased.

All buyers beware, do not spend your hard earned money on this JewelsOfMandalay. 
Tags: artist-jewelsofmandalay/fairycartel/fanc, beware

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