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So I've been away from the internet and Live Journal for a while, and today, whilst going through my backlogs for LJ, I found myself faced with a Beware post about me that I was unaware of. So the following is my public rebuttal to what was said about me. I will do my best to include absolutely everything that happened with as many screen shots as possible.

On August 24, the user ShadowPelt accused me of being "the worst suiter I have ever know[n]" and that I was out to scam people.

The whole post can be found here:

First off I would like to clear the slate. At no point have I ever taken any of my commissioners money without coming through with a product. Yes, sometimes it takes me longer then expected, but I do award patience and do my best to conduct myself in a professional manner. I would personally rather take my time to finish a commission and keep it up to standard, then rush and put out something I'm not completely satisfied with.

And to comment on the people who believe that I started taking commissions after making one suit, such is not the case. I made several personal suits prior to the red mewtwo seen on my FA. Pictures of them can be found in my LJ scrap book (at the time I frequented the fursuit communities here on LJ MIGHT recall my early experiments). Red was simply my first commissioned suit and at the time I was very proud of it so I made sure to post it on a wide range of sites.

After completing Red and posting my generalized price sheet, I was contacted by several interested parties, ShadowPelt among them. And so followed our business together. Please peruse the following logs taken directly from my Outbox on FA for specifics. A couple of her notes appear to be missing but this is all the nitty gritty from my end.

Section 1 - Initial contact. Payment plans discussed, character and fur ideas covered, and general price range given.

Section 2 - Head added to order, some payments made measurements asked for. I would also like to note that (in the note bordered in black) it was understood that the project would be started around when payments totaled approximately $150, as per the **commissioner** herself.

Section 3 - Total amount clarified. More details worked out regarding design.

Section 4 - Fur orders come in, refund discussion begins in last note (in the form of a trimmed down order). Expenses and incomes laid out.

Section 5 - Talks become tense and terse, several inflammatory shouts were left on my main page (a couple copied further down), final refund sent, and contact ceased.

-Shadowpelts Page Comments-

Posted: October 25th, 2009 03:41 PM

Hey Kime, Look.

I hate having to post this on your page but you aren't taking any of this seriously, not answering my notes. I want my money and my fur/foam. This is getting ridiculous..

October 25th, 2009 03:43 PM

I've given you more then enough time to not only work on my suit but to send the stuff back to me. I started talking to you about making my suit back in March/April and you didn't even have the fur until Sep..

Posted: October 25th, 2009 03:46 PM

Actually, I don't even want the fur. I need a full refund. I don't want to go to further measures, but I wont hesitate to take legal measures into hand. I'll give you a week, til next Sunday to refund all my money. $164


-Related Number Lists from my personal files

Lime Fur: 29.03 (1 yard)
Black and White Fur: 54.00 (a yard each of good fox fur)
Burnt Orange: 17.00

Income: 164.00

Tail/Arms/Hands (-fur): 45.00 (25+20)
Shipping: 20.19
Return = 43.78


PayPal Logs

-Money In-

Payments by ShadowPelt are from the Nords___. (Brooke was another commissioner I had at the time who I was also making a partial for.) PayPal fees at no point were charged to ShadowPelt at time of refund.

-Money Out-

Shows where her money went. (To fur) Jynell H. sent me the burnt orange fur (purchased through the LJ fursuit communities). The lime green was purchased from Mendals. And, the controversial "JoAnns fur", was actually the high grade course fox-fur, and was purchased from Blade S. Park. At no point did I personally cut into any of the fur. It was put aside in the boxes I received the orders in.

While I agree the fox fur and the cheap grizzly fur from JoAnns have a similar texture, what was sent was NOT the grizzly. (I directly compared the two when I received it from Blade)

Furthermore, the reason there was no purple in the box that I sent to ShadowPelt at the time of the refund was simply because she never paid for it. I had planned to use the purple I already had on hand (specifically to keep cost down), so it seemed odd to throw it in there. The same goes for foam. To put it shortly, if I didn't charge her for it, it didn't go in the box.

So to lay out the math:

Total Paid -> $164.00
4 furs -> $100.03
To SP Shipping -> $20.19
Refund -> $43.78

Perhaps charging for the shipping was unnecessary, and my responses got a little clipped, but at no point was I uncivil. But I don't consider changing your mind to threats of legal recourse in the span of 5 minutes to be particularly practical when trying to have a healthy and respectful discourse.

So let's recap ShadowPelt's points:

-Contact made in late March & date eventually set to October
-Paid $175 by the end of June. I had yet to start.
NO. Broke the $150 mark July 9th, fur started being bought same month.
-September. Still hasn't bought my fur.
NO. Fur was bought on July 26th, Aug 30th, & Sep 4th.
-End of Sep. Can't have it done by Halloween.
Between work, moving, and other commies paid in a more timely manner, having a month to work instead of 6 is difficult.
-Asked to have the materials and remaining money sent to me.
And it was.
-Month later and still no supplies or money.
Exactly a month later (from semi-refund proposal) the refund money was in her PayPal and stuff already shipped.
-She promised me foam and 5 different furs. I received 2 used furs and 1/2 yards of pure shit. Kime refuses to compensate me.
I sent what I bought and you paid for. What's left to compensate?

Oh yes, and for those of you worried about the other person I "scammed", his commission is near completion and has a due date of this Halloween. It's actually Version 2 of the red mewtwo that started this nonsense. And I have no idea what this nonsense about hearing from Dragoneer is about. Why would he get involved??

So TL;DR, bad juju was really just impatience and jumping to conclusions. No ones out to scam anyone, butts were covered, and everyone got what they paid for. Shall we all move on with our lives?
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