Dani (kayla_la) wrote in artists_beware,

Artists Beware Archive is live!

So I've been testing and experimenting with it for a while (mostly image hosts...) but I think it's good to go!


It's limited so you can't post or comment for the sake of organization and control, but you can view the posts, and it should have all the information really needed while still being practical for us to do.

Currently I use the screengrab FF add-on and then upload to imageshack with the do not resize option. It was the only free image hosting service I could find that didn't force a resize at some point. Posts are screengrabbed as soon as I see them, and will be updated if I feel it should be updated (for instance, informative comments or the like).

Feel free to follow the community if you want (though you can't join it), but its main purpose will be for archiving and possibly reposting down the line, so don't expect it to be interesting to watch.

I will be updating the rules here soon to include that posting here will have your post archived.

Hopefully, this will deter deleting issues in the future!
Tags: !mod post

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