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Beware of Batty-Ev

I commision Batty-Ev over on furaffinity.com on July 15th 2010 for a upperbody hookah badge of my fursona Daisy Dragon. I paid her on paypal on the 18th by then she was already done and had even posted progression photos on her FA. I had showed my boyfriend who was very impressed with the work and he commisioned her himself on the 18th and she had the badge all ready to go by the next day. He payed her that same night. She also did anouther badge commision between me and my boyfriends for anouther person on FA. I had contacted RaggedyHatter to see if she had recieved her badge and she had not. RaggedyHatter will post her info later. I had gotten confermation from Batty-Ev that they had been shipped out two weeks after completion Batty even said they were shipped out that past monday. I had recieved this message on August 5th. Now two months later shes not answering PMs from me, my boyfriend or RaggedyHatter. We can see they have been read. Sense it's past the 40 days I can't request my money back on paypal this is the only option I have left. I recommended her to friends that have now been scamed and that makes me very angry. I really don't like posting these things sense I know how damaging they can be but i've had enough. I have the PMs and my transaction ID from paypal if I need the proof. This post is more of a warning of this commisioner sense I have a feeling she will not respond to this or try and correct the situation.

Links of the badges

Links of conversations between me and Batty-Ev. What she said has a red dot next to it.

We know there done. Theres no way that these were lost in the mail. They were shipped to diffrent addresses.

::EDIT:: I've come to find out that this paypal dose not belong to her but belongs to a friend who seems like they honestly wanna help and dose not seem involed in the situation.
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