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Cosplay Commissioner

So, I have been debating when to post here about this, or if even at all...

Back in early July, I posted on cosplay.com's marketplace board. I wanted to get a couple costume parts commissioned for NYAF (this coming weekend). Normally I make my costumes myself, but my priority was getting art done for the convention since I'm in the AA there.

I got a lot of offers, but I wanted someone who was going to offer me a low price since I am spending so much on art things for the con. They didn't have to be super extravagant, as long as they were decent.

Then I got an offer from "RAWRsan". One of the items I wanted made was the school shirt only from High School of the Dead. She said she could do it for $20 (Yeah, the male name made me wonder too, but there was a time several years ago where I shared a paypal account with my father...again, I put too much faith in people). I was more than happy with this price, as that was really cheap for what cosplay commissioners normally charge. It did cross my mind, however, "too cheap?". Her work looked decent enough though, and I thought to myself, "I'll take the chance"....because sometimes I charge people just $5 for a full color + simple background image commission. I had faith that maybe there was someone who just charge low sometimes because they loved what they do. Of course I was wrong.

**UPDATE EDIT* Well...she messaged me back on cosplay.com the day after I posted this here...and also returned my money.

I message her Aug. 22ed, and asked how it was going (as she never responded to me after I sent her payment). I asked if she had progress pictures. Four days later she respond:

hello I dont have any progess pictures yet but i have bought the material to get started and have practiced on another shirt. Since this is just the shirt it will be finished very quickly I just had 2 other big orders to do before this one but not to worry your shirt will be finished ond sent out in 2 weeks or less.

Of course nothing came...so I messaged then Sept. 18th, asking how it was coming along....yeah, I know, beating a dead horse.

Then, on the 20th, I tried sending her an email...and then a final PM on the 25th...as she has had activity on the site since after the 18th.

So yeah, I was scammed out of $20, and it's my fault because I shouldn't have fallen for it, I guess...but I just wanted to write this in case this "woman" is doing so to more people, for more money.

So, cosplay user: RAWRsan
Email: omg_millie@yahoo.com
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