Misty (weirdmisty) wrote in artists_beware,

I hope this is okay to post here!

Recently, I have decided to start seriously pursuing work as a commission artist. While I have done some commission work in the past, it's only been a handful of times. I had clear-cut prices, but not any rules or terms to speak of. Now that I'm hoping to make this a significant thing, I feel that I should do a complete reworking, especially considering how many issues I've seen arise here in the past as a result of unclear or incomplete artist rules.

My question is - where do I start? I'm really at a total loss as to where to begin. What things should be covered by my rules? What rules would be fair to both me and the commissioner?

I'd also like some input on how you handle pricing if you have a varied style. I know it's pretty straightforward to price your work when everything is done in the same way, but I draw in a lot of different styles and am wondering how my commission-offering should reflect that. Should I limit myself to only one style being offered, or try to work out different prices for each style I draw in? In the past I've just limited what I offer, but being of the "more is better" mindset, I want to offer as many possibilities to potential customers as possible.

Thanks in advance to anyone who's able to help on either of these points!
Tags: advice for artists, discussion
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