Dani (kayla_la) wrote in artists_beware,

Restoring deleted posts.

I'm discussing this idea with the other moderators currently, but I also wanted the community's opinion on this idea, in the wake of another valid post being deleted.

First off, we will most likely be making a separate community whose soul purpose will be to archive posts. Probably not comments, but the posts themselves along with the name of the person who submitted it will be preserved in a place where the OPs can't delete it.

Assuming this happens, it will be because we have had a problem with people deleting their posts. Unfortunately, we can't do anything about it ourselves. We can't disable the ability to delete, and we don't get any sort of notification if it happens, so we don't even know unless someone happens to notice and alerts us. Then we can't even warn/ban the person who did it unless someone happens to remember their name because it leaves no trace behind.

Now, what I wanted to actually ask wasn't about that, but I wanted to know. How do you all feel about the idea of reposting deleted posts to the community?

For example, let's say Randomfurry12 posts about an artist taking their money and running. Artist gets mad, threatens them to delete post. They know it's against the rules, but they tuck tail and give into the blackmailing in hopes of getting their art/refund, so they delete the post and try to pretend it never existed. Well, too bad for them, but we already have the post archived in the mirror comm.

What do you guys think about the idea of then taking that post and reposting it back here to AB? If we were to do that, do you think we should include the name of the original poster? Or do you think the whole idea is a bad idea? Opinions please. :) We realize it would cause some drama, but AB isn't meant to be used as a bargaining chip like that, and it does a disservice to have valid posts deleted. But there might be an angle I'm not thinking of, so I'm asking you guys.

PS. This whole thing wouldn't apply to posts that we actually approve of being deleted. This happens extremely rarely as there are very few good reasons for a post to be deleted. But it wouldn't make a lot of sense if we approved a deletion and then just threw it back up again. This is just for posts that were valid and shouldn't have been deleted.
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