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A small beware

This is my first time posting here and my first time dealing with this sort of issue so I apologize ahead of time if Artists_beware is not the right place to put this. (also new to LJ cuts and embedding links and stuff lol)


A friend of mine showed me a screen cap of a flash commission he was getting from the artist Bololo Links to Hentaifoundry)

((Just a few minutes ago my name was put into the description. That issue is resolved.))

Art in question (nsfw)

I noticed that the head looked awfully similar to mine in the ref that I did for Eradragon (the commissioner and my friend). I asked if Era could message Bololo and ask him to include my name somehow in the flash, even if it was in the description of the submission. Era said he would and messaged Bololo and never got a reply back(this was around August 21). So recently I found out that the commission was complete and was curious to see if the artist ended up mentioning me somewhere.

Seeing that he didn't add my name (resolved) I decided to send an email to Bololo myself.

The reply that I received was not what I expected and really wasn't something I wanted to see. Era sent an email to Bololo asking to put my name in the description and confirming that I was the one who sent the email, Bololo replied with "Sure, no problem." and updated the description.

Though things have been resolved with my issue I still felt it needed to be said that since this artist is now known for heavily reffing and charging for it that this might be somewhat of an issue.
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