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A problem with a commissioner

I have posted my TOS on here to be revised. I have not revised it so it still says I will take a long time to do my art.

I would also like to point out I HAVE NOT TAKEN MONEY FROM HIM AT ALL!

I will not name names, but I had a commissioner agreed to the TOS. I have Meebo logs as well as Email and FA notes where he has contacted me about the art. In all scenarios were I said I would do art by a date I said I would TRY to do it by that time. I have never lied.

I have Depression and Anxiety and I have bad panic attacks I have a wedding coming up and it is stressing me out the closer it gets and I did not expect that to be the case which is why I took the commission.

He says I have excuses and the excuses have been the same, I'm not up to it, I have a wedding stressing me out, and I cannot do the art because of these.

I have now canceled since he kept PMing me on FA about the art. I also told him if I took commissions again to try me then.

He then calls me untrustworthy. I have since replied with the full size rough of the image at no charge, and showing him the TOS he agreed to again. I have also reminded him I have logs and records of him stating my depression and anxiety he could wait for the art for.

Is there anything else I can do? Or should I try to whip out a subpar piece of art to appease him. I hate doing subpar work however.
Tags: advice for artists

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