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Kitty Kaboom/Feline Delinquent/Aleta

Edit, September 29th: I received the ears and a free mini tail (which is actually quite large, over a foot) to make up for the wait! the quality of the products is very nice and I am satisfied with the transaction on the whole :3 I would go to her again, but with the knowledge that she is a bit busy sometimes.
I consider this resolved on a good note.

EDIT: This is tentatively resolved, I'll keep you guys updated but the item is supposed to be shipped out monday.

I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this, but at this point I'm kinda left with no other option. I was browsing for ears and tails on eBay and I saw an awesome looking vendor who called herself Kitty Kaboom. I talked to her outside of eBay about a custom set of ears and ordered them from her. She was really polite and I tried to be courteous as well, but it seems like she's not that great at getting things out when she promises.
(I hope I did the cuts right, since the preview doesn't show them)

Her Ebay account is here*kaboom?ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:US:1181
She goes by multiple names- Feline Delinquent and Aleta in emails, and Kitty Kaboom on ebay. I haven't found her anywhere else like on FA, so I don't know if she has accounts elsewhere.

We started talking sometime in June, where I got a price quote from her. I said I'd save up the money and I did- I paid her via invoice on July 9th. The original estimate was 3-4 weeks, we talked some about if she would be able to do an accompanying tail, but that never panned out since I didn't wanna sink more money into the transaction before receiving the ears.
I email her a week or so before the completion date and she assures me she's working on them and will let me know when they're done. A whole month passes with no notification and I ask her if she can have them done by the end of september since the 29th is my birthday and it'd be cool to have it by that time. Well, its come to today, 4 days from my birthday/the 29th, and I am really sick of waiting. I tried to be really polite to her through the whole transaction, but theres a limit to everything. All of our correspondence is below.

Inquired about commission early June
Paid July 9th, completion quote of 3-4 weeks
Some communication, but still no product pictures or in hand on September 25th
I paid $46, for anyone wondering.

Screenshots of our emails back and forth- if this doesn't work for some reason here's the direct link

Here's the Paypal reciept, showing the date I paid.
Tags: artist-kitty kaboom/feline delinquent/al, beware, fursuit, resolved


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