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Copyrighting Characters

This is just for curiousity's sake, not really a situation I am in. I have been wondering this for a while and I figured this would be the best place to ask! :3

Go on any given character reference sheet on Deviantart and you'll probably find the disclaimer "Character/Fursona (c) ME ME ME ME ME ME DONT STEAL!!!!!11!!1!!!!1111!" Most not as extreme but you get the idea. What are the facts behind character copyrights? Here are the questions I have.

1) Can you even copyright a character to begin with? (I heard you can't, that you can only trademark a character)

2) What process would you go through to claim copyright/trademark of a character?

3) Fact or fiction? Once you put something on the internet (Deviantart, for example) it is automatically copyrighted to you without filing a copyright claim with the US Copyright Office (and paying the 35 dollars to do it.) I've seen many people make this claim.

4) What can you copyright/trademark on a character? Can you copyright/trademark design elements (ex. hair styles, markings, etc) or does it cover the whole thing?

Let me know if my wording is a little confusing, I can try to clarify it more. Feel free to ask your ownquestions about character copyrights or just toss in some vital facts if I missed anything important enough to cover.

I look forward to hearing some answers! Thanks!
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