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Zim Gekko, again

So here I am again, hoping this gets resolved, finally.


MFF 2008: I commission two pictures from Zim Gekko for $15 each. One is finished, one is not.

February 2010: I post about it to this community after attempting to get ahold of her through numerous emails, I got a reply from Zim, telling me to note her on FA. I do that, I don't hear back, it's never read.

May 2010: I posted here again hoping to get some kind of response. Nothing.

August 2010: I sent her a note on FA not expecting a reply as all my other notes went unread. I asked her for a refund of the $15 to finally close this going on two year thing. Miraculously, she responds, and asks for my paypal address, which I give her. She reads that note as well, but no money arrives in my paypal account.

A little over two weeks ago I sent her another note asking when I could expect repayment. I also sent her a note on LJ, neither of which has been read as far as I can tell. It's like, she says she's going to do something, and then completely drops the ball and develops amnesia or something, I don't understand. I was really certain I'd finally get my money back when she asked for my paypal, but still, no, nothing.

So here's hoping she reads this and just does the refund, because short of that, her saying "I'll do it" is as hollow as a kettle drum.
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