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Artist: Kitsubaka

EDIT: Kitsubaka has contacted me at last and after a long conversation on AIM, she has promised that 1) She will no longer be taking commissions in the future so there's no reason to avoid her, and 2) She will do her best to make amends to her past commissioners by either finishing the artworks she owe in the near future or issuing refunds when she has the money.

Please hold to these promises Kitsu. I will now announce the matter as resolved. Wish you good luck in everything. :)

Artist Account: Kitsubaka

First and foremost let me say that I take no pleasure in making this entry, because she used to be a friend. We once chatted a lot and sorta did some art trades.

On Oct 28th, 2007, she held a round of quick commissions due to a financial emergency and needed some money (See 10-28-07 Original Journal - thanks stolenmilkcrate for digging it up!)

I really wasn't looking to commission people at the time, but I signed up anyway (mainly to help a friend, I didn't really care when she gets to do the artwork... I don't usually mind long turnaround times, but... read on). It was a $35 sketch for two horse characters.

Months pass by - initially, I gave her a reminder about once every few weeks, to see if there were any status updates. At first, she was fairly responsive to my notes/comments, but after about 6 months she started ignoring my attempts to communicate altogether. Now, I can understand if she is just busy with real life stuffs and didn't have time to work on art, but this was not the case: Not only was she constantly posting artworks she had done for herself, she continued to draw new art for her friends as well as taking on new commissions even though my piece (along with several other people's) were still overdue.

Since she refused to respond, I only poked her at an interval of every 2 to 3 month (may be she was just stressed about something... I dunno). Fast forwarding to August 18th, 2009, I poked her again about my 2-year overdue commission when she held another quick round of commissions (See 8-18-09 Journal Entry), and finally got a response. She made a note of my name (and kept it on file when her computer crashed a few entries later - note the number of people in the comments who said she owed them art: Anyare in particular signed up for the 2007 commission round with me), and I haven't poked her about it ever since (since I figured she might actually remember this time) - and nope, still haven't gotten my artwork.

If you look at her journal entry, you'll see that she has taken on plenty of art trades and commissions since then. Her gallery is in no shortage of new artworks. And I do honestly feel bad about asking for a refund at this point, especially considering she always seems to be tight on money (though frankly, that's not my problem... and look what I got myself into when I tried to help)

Not that we talk much anymore, but ah, how one bad business practice can change a friendship.
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