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Beware FuRomantic of FA

It all began with a new user on FA named Noee. Check 'im out, by the way, he's got awesome potential.

Noee came under fire very quickly for having 'recolored and stolen' art and FuRomantic claimed to have the original. (NSFW: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4468079) There was a small flame war from a few fans of FuRomantic. FuR claimed to have posted the original, which was posted a few days before Noee posted his own piece... However, Noee pointed out that he had uploaded the same piece to HentaiFoundry over a month ago. FuR responded claiming that they too had uploaded the same pic to SoFurry around the same time. (I would post a link to FuR's image, but it has been removed... Can you see where this story is headed?)

FuR had uploaded earlier on FA but was hours behind Noee on the HF vs SoFurry. However, since they were so close, it was hard to judge who was in the right... Until you looked at the art. Once you compared the pieces side by side from an artist's eye, it became VERY obvious that FuR was the theif. Noee's art was clean and crisp. FuR's was made up of straight lines, as if someone had traced using the line tool, there was even a small patch of color that seemed to have been forgotten which was the same color that Noee's picture was! There was artifacting all over FuR's version, showing that the image had been swapped to a different format than was originally intended. There was even an additional dick on FuR's image that was HEAVILY aliased as if it had been cut from another image at a lower resolution.

After being proven a thief and even going so low as to attack the original artist personally, a mod was brought in. FuR's image was removed and the harassing shouts left on Noee's page were deleted. Noee reuploaded their own piece to remove the comments.

TLDR: If you skipped the previous story, this is the important part. 
FuR's style seems to range GREATLY and I highly suspect that most, if not all of their images are the same story. Traced and recolored. If anyone else can help pinpoint any originals in their gallery so we can get this thief banned, I'd be very happy :D

Tags: art theft, artist-furomantic, beware
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