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DZ/ Wasteland Project Zero

I came across this guy on the FA Black Market forums. He needed art for his post-apocalyptic flash game based on Fallout.

The link for the thread on the forum:

I was desperate for work, so I put a bid in, and he ended up sending me a PM. Right off the bat he wanted me to draw a sketch without compensation first. I mentioned it, and he said:

"I need a finished piece with well detailed background and character and stuff, I'm just not yet sure whether I want YOU to do it.

Start working on it, show me some sketch or something so that I could decide whether I want you to keep working on it or not. "

This obviously should have been my first warning. I declined, saying I don't do spec work, but he assured me I'd get paid, so I was stupid and agreed.

Here's the sketch I did for him:

He liked the sketch, and sent me this:

"Looks great

1 000px × 778px scales down to 800x622 so the bottom must be cut. I need a 800x600 pic.
Its gonna be something like this

Can you make a "Project Wasteland 0" sign on top of it? In some stylish way that would fit the setting?
Or better make it in a separate file with alpha, so that I could put it wherever I want?"

So now he wants me to design a logo for the piece as well, without compensation for that. I sent him a message trying to clarify where he wanted me to go from there:

"Just a question- did you want that pic finished? What I sent you is just a sketch.

As for the "Project Wasteland" title, I don't have much expertise in font work. You can find a bunch of cool fonts over at The only thing I could do is find a cool-looking one, download it, and slap it on the sketch. "

His reply: "Yes, I want it finished, colored and well detailed.
As for the font - my artist says the same =\ And I dont want to use fonts."

So I figured I'd attempt to do the logo for cheap, since I really don't have much experience designing logos, though I do have a degree in Illustration and have had to do them in the past, something I brought up:

"Okay. I quoted you $45 for the finished piece, and will require payment up front this time around. It'll just be another $25.

I can also attempt to design a logo for you in Illustrator if you throw in $15. It'd be in its own file (.gif or .ai) so you could use it wherever you needed. I don't have much experience in logo design, but I was required to take a class in it for my degree, so I do know the basics."

His response:

"I've sent you 25$ more.

If you don't have experience in logo design then dont ask for money up front! I will pay only if I like it."

In the meantime I'd PM'd another artist who had dealt with him. Her advice was to run like hell. So when I received that reply, I figured I'd had enough:

"Yeah, you know what, I think I've had enough of this. You can use the sketch, but keep in mind the rights still belong to me, so no having anyone else colour it. I've sent a refund of your $25.00 back.

You should treat your artists with more respect."

His enlightening rebuttal:

"fuck you"

As I said, I was desperate for work, so I was really undercharging this guy ($45 for the digital painting when I normally charge $100). I was trying to be nice, because he game sounded interesting, and I love Fallout-themed stuff. Either he's really that immature, or he's just trying to scam art out of people who don't know any better. Either way, this guy's definitely a "beware".

Edit: Just to clear some stuff up, I did get paid for the sketch, but only after the fact. The prices were set by me. The reason I posted this beware is because of his bad attitude and shady practices.
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