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Update on Brio/Furbrications

Brio/Furbrications has a new account over on FA guys!

But here's the good news, it's a page specifically for people to get in touch with her about lost commissions and communication.

She's having people send her notes and e-mails and getting everything straightened out.

She told me, personally over the phone, that she's going to do badges digitally because she's been having trouble with the mailing system and that she's currently working on all owed fursuits, including the one she's doing for me. She's also selling some personal things soon to issue refunds to people she owes them to.

*crosses fingers* Get in touch with her please if she owes you something! But, please, don't be all rude about it, that scares her I think. I think she could use a little encouragement with all the work she has ahead of her.

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