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Needing a 2nd opinion...


After asking more questions- I've come to terms the idea that I would not be receiving compensation for any of the merchandise to be made.

While they were willing to pay for the picture itself, the price range they were looking for ($10-$15) from my understanding wouldn't be nearly enough compensation for anything in regards to using the image multimedia and merchandising.

Am I wrong to think this?



Upon reply, their intention is to use the mascot would include a magazine project, cups, t-shirts and other forms of merchandise.

Should I agree to the project, would I look for a flat sum, or would it be worth the trouble (and if they would be willing to negotiate) some form of a contract? (Please note I'm still educating myself on the Turkish AND US Copyright laws before agreeing to anything.)

And if you propose I negotiate a contract, how would you go about it?


(Original Post)

I was approached through a user on Deviantart (via note) that they were interested in me designing a mascot for their anime website (linked below):

Now... I can't read or comprehend any form of Turkish (or what the national language would be). But if anyone could clarify that, that would be awesome.

There are a couple things that I'm a bit...cautious about. Based on their DA page, they had joined recently (the status said "Joined Today!"). Second thing, English is not so good (the location claim is Turkey), but well enough to where I can understand. I'm not trying to be prejudiced in anyway, but it has been a rarity for me thus far for anyone from a non-English speaking country to be interested in anything I have done, let alone contact me about it (but hey, there's a first time for everything).

However, from the first note, they had asked how much it would be. I haven't asked their price range just yet- however I'm still asking questions as far as what they are looking for and the use of the mascot (as far as if it would be representing just on the website, or on possible other mediums for one reason or another).

What is your opinion on this? What other kinds of questions should I be asking in general?

...and anybody else that's been in this pickle.

Thanks in advance!


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