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I made a post earlier this month about an artist I had commissioned, here.

I've tried emailing her again as people suggested, as well as making another comment on her profile page requesting a refund. She's been on, yesterday in fact according to her activity, but she still hasn't said anything at all. I know I'm most likely not going to get my money back, as hard as that is to swallow, because I really can't afford to raise that kind of money again to get a cane that won't break in a few months.

Should I make a journal on DA and other sites to warn people against commissioning her? I received a note about a week ago from someone thanking me for posting my issues on Porkshanks profile because they had been thinking of commissioning her and decided not to risk it. I feel sort of bad about that since porkshanks seemed like a nice person. I just don't know what to do now, if I should post my experience elsewhere, or if I should try to get a hold of her again in hopes of resolving the matter. Obviously I've learned not to send payment ahead of time if I commission someone for a big project again.

Does anyone know Porkshanks personally? I don't know if she just has major issues going on right now or what. Should I send her a link to this A_B post so she knows I did actually post something, as I told her I would if she didn't respond?

Screenshots of the new things not in the other entry:
Third profile comment, requesting refund and stating issues
Note from other artist who had been thinking of suggesting Porkshanks to a commissionerName blacked out for privacy, of course.

Paypal transaction receiptTransaction ID and bank numbers blacked out.
-Additional note: Since I forgot to mention my idiocy in the matter, I sent payment as a gift so fees would not be taken out on her side. However, the message sent with payment DOES say it was for a commission, and I did send a note telling her it was sent that way and for what reason that she DID respond to. Because of how the payment was sent, though, I'm doubtful that doing anything through Paypal will help.

EDIT 2: I got a response today after posting a mass amount of journals all over the place explaining the situation, and we're currently trying to work things out. I'll edit again when there's actual results other than talking. :3
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