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 Okay I copied this from my own journal. I want to warn you all about a suiter that goes by the name of Kime Requiem. Seriously probably the worst suiter I have ever know. Sadly this all happened so long ago, but the fact that she is still scamming people makes me want to share my story so no one else has to deal with her. Here, let me tell you about her.

Around March of last year, I contacted Kime about a fursuit. Everything was all fine and hunky dorey at first. I informed her ahead of time that I wanted my fursuit done by October 7th, so I could have it by Halloween. She told me that having it done by Halloween would be no problem.

So April rolls around and I scrapped together a few bucks and managed to send her some. Things continued smoothly until I was $175 in (my partial was $300 but I was only required to send her 30% and the rest due upon finishing). By this time, a few months had passed and I heard nothing about my suit.

So I started to note her about my suit. Time after time she ignored me. Sometimes I would get a note back saying she was going to start on it soon. By now it's August (well Aug. 31st) and she just bought the fur:

"Wondering how it goes again :3"

"Well, it goes. The black and white fur are on their way to me for your stuff. Which just leaves the green to get on its way."

Well... It's September, the suits due in a month and she doesn't even have the fur? Now it's almost 2 weeks later and she just received my white and black fur. On top of this she just bought the green. If it took the white and the black 2 weeks to arive, I'm assuming the green wouldn't be there til the end of the month. Great.

After waiting almost a month for some sort of proof, I decided to send her another note.

"Also I was wondering if you would still be able to be done by oct 7th. If not we could talk about a better date :3"

"And the 7th might be hard unfortunatly. :/ The stupid wolf head Im working on is holding me up. I just want it done x_x;; Feh, anyway.."

I contacted Kime 7 ahead of time. Instead of using the $175 I sent her to buy my fur and foam for my head, she spent it else where. And now she had taken on another suit. A suit mind you that she had just taken on, even though I purchased mine more than half a year ago.

By this time I'm pretty angry and totally regretting choosing Kime as my suiter. It is now October 4th and she has yet to even touch my suit. So I decided to contact her again.

"Kime I really need to talk to you about all this :<"

"I honestly would love to do your head. It's a fun and interesting design. But at the same time, it IS starting to become a squeeze to get everything done by
Halloween, I won't lie. In the end however, it's up to you. I would hate to take extra money and not come thru, ya know?"

Sadly, I wont be getting my suit by Halloween like I intended. Great, what a waste of almost 8 months. I could have had my suit from Janko or Azure by now. At least I'm getting a refund right? ....No. Very very wrong. Instead of fighting for a refund I simply asked for all the fur and foam she supposedly bought and have the rest of the money paypaled to me. Supposedly my fur and foam came out to $100. But what ever, I just want it sent to me at this point. Apparently this is so hard to do. I noted her day after day after day with no reply. I had yet to receive my foam or fur, nor my remaining $75 in paypal. After about a month of fighting, I get her to send out my fur and foam. On top of her throwing a fit, she used MY money she owed me to ship out my fur and foam. So instead of the $75 I was promised, I received $45.

Almost a month later, I receive Kime's package. What a piece of shit. The box she sent it in was nothing more than pieces of cardboard taped together. And, to my horror, the box contained no said foam and pre used fabric, well only 4 of the 5 colors I paid for. It looked as if huge chunks had been cut out from the fur she sent me. Well at least the orange and green. She never sent me my purple, oh and the black and white... Joann's fabric. Shitty ass faux fur. Not even a yard mind you. But not only that, she said the fur cost her $20 each. Guys... I live a 3 minute walk from Joann's (we were just there actually).... Half a yard of their shittiest fur does NOT cost $20.

So let me recap for you:

I noted Kime in March (early Feb but I gave her the info in March) about having a suit done in October. Kime said this was fine and she'd start asap.
I paid $175 by the end of June. Kime had yet to start.
It's September. She still hasn't bought my fur.
End of Sep. She can't have it done by Halloween.
Oct. 4th, I asked for a refund. A refund was to hard so I asked to have the materials and remaining money sent to me.
Month later and still no supplies or money.
Kime finally sent my package with my money. Received package.
She promised me foam and 5 different furs. I received 2 used furs and 1/2 yards of pure shit.
Kime refuses to compensate me.

Please never never commission her. She uses low quality fur, ignores notes, spends her money on everything but the suit, and is completely rude. I was jipped out of $130 and have nothing but a few pieces of fur to show for it.

Oh btw, I am not the only person she's scammed. Almost 2 years ago my friend Red the mewtwo sent her $350 for a new suit. But first, this wasn't his first suit from her. The first suit he bought from her wasn't even done with his correct measurements or with quality fur. His first suit was too tight on him and made with low quality fur. And I just got done talking to him.

Apparently Kime got back to him after Dragoneer had notified her. This is the lovely message she sent him:

"Whatever made you come to this decision is completely your end and up to you. I can hardly force you to be part of my commissions list. Unfortunately, your $350 is effectively spent on work and supplies. If you wish for a refund then you will get exactly that, i.e. I will pack up everything of yours and ship it to you in whatever state of completion it's in. Just confirm your address, and I'll find a box and get in the mail by Friday."

Basically she said she spent all his money on supplies and she would only send him what she bought. That's bs. Kairi, Keitel, and I currently got into the suiting business and let me tell you, it does not cost $350 for just supplies, let alone Joann's fabric.

She was "kicked out" of her house and since then has ignored all of Red's notes to her (and she's been active). She's nothing but a scam artist and should be removed from the suiting community.

Just bad juju D:<
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