An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote in artists_beware,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Sir Trips - Lost Contact

Has anyone heard from E. Trips/Sir Trips recently? He commissioned me on March 2nd for a 1 hour speed painting. He asked that I send along a sketch first so he can approve it before I continue, so I did. I didn't hear from him, so I emailed him again asking if he got it.

He said he was moving and busy and whatnot, sorry for the delay, but he'll get back to me with feedback as soon as he was stable. This was months ago.

I emailed him again last week and asked him to please get in touch with me in regards to his commission and that if I didn't hear from him by Monday I'd issue a refund. It's been 5 days and is now Tuesday (as of my writing this), so I went ahead and issued a refund via paypal using the "Send Money" feature as its been well over the 60 day limit for actual refunds. I'm out the time I spent on the sketch but it was negligible, I just don't like owing people and folks who don't get back to me after several contact attempts fall into the category of "debts I no longer wish to have on my head when the ball's in their court".

Not mad, just concerned, has anyone heard from him?
Tags: comm-e. trips/sir trips, lost contact
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