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Beware: FA Artist Kathy-Lu

A few weeks ago Kathy-Lu [ FA Site: ] was commissioned by Vaerinn and myself for four sketches. Each of these were ten dollars each and we had no complaints with timeliness. What will be mentioned is sharing rights; ahead of time we stipulated to Kathy-Lu that we would be expecting to be able to post these sketches anywhere as long as the following conditions were met.

1. The image was not to be edited in any significant way.
2. The signature was not to be obscured or removed.
3. The artist was to be given credit for the creation of the image.

She agreed to this in the LiveStream and we went on our merry way. Later, when I especially liked one sketch she did, I asked for the rights to colour and post it. She also gave these, stating that as long as the signature and original art was credited to her she did not mind. The real drama, and some screenshots, after the cut. Assuming I typed this correctly; I have not used LiveJournal in four years.

Over the past few weeks we got into a personal disagreement and she decided it prudent to block me, posting attack journals calling me a lazy art thief, and then attempt [both personally and through friends/anonymous accounts] to have all instances of the art that I paid for and had permissions given to ahead of time taken down. When an altercation came up in her journal, comments that pointed out that I was given permission to repost, that I paid for the art, that she had no right to harass us, the journals were quickly deleted and then reposted to begin the cycle all over.

She was banned from e621 for making harassing comments as well as spamming and exploiting the Flag For Deletion feature.

At the time of this writing she has apologized in private, but the most recent journal involving this still proclaims me as a 'lazy art thief' and states that I have no rights on the work I paid for. After the apology note was received [With no opportunity to explain my side personally] either her or one of her fans/friends register a new account on e621 to continue to harass us. I would not be surprised if she were going to attempt to convince her fans that I should have my rights to the images I commissioned revoked retro-actively.

Here are some links to the art in question. Please note that some images contain nudity and you have been warned. Also, please do not see the address and begin screaming that I am stealing art. The images in question are simply being mirrored here, and were uploaded lawfully and with permission. I have never uploaded any other images to the site, despite having been accused by several of Kathy-lu's followers of doing just that.

A screenshot of the most recent journal, showing her opinion of commissioner rights posted August 19th at around 4pm.

A screenshot of her private apology, just before new accounts appeared on e621 to continue spamming Flag For Deletion on art that we were given permission to upload.

I do not have a screenshot of proof of permission that was given to me in live chat on LiveStream, but I do have a screenshot of the permission I was given to post a coloured version of one of these images shown here.

Finally a mirror of her original attack journal, which was deleted when people began to come to my defense. Hosted gratefully by Arcturus and saved by the other rights holder in question, Vaerinn.

TL;DR I would encourage commissioners to avoid this artist as they can and will mix business with personal issues. If anyone else has had this kind of experience with her please comment below.
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