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Hi all.

As much as it is tongue-in-cheek, thanks to ilea for the reference here. I had posted this to furry_lj_drama, for lack of a better place to put it, when I was directed here. I'm editing and ADDING to the post, after remembering some stuff.


Some months ago, when I was doing free drawings on furry_connect, I did one for a fur calling himself Realis. He decided he liked the rest of my drawings enough to ask me for another, and I was cool with that, at the time. I'm all about practice, so I did this out of the kindness of my heart. The marker coloring I did, didn't come out as well as I would have liked. He agreed that the color could be better, nicely asking me to do the lineart over in digital color. I agreed to do that, too. I send him some unfinished digital coloring, and only THEN does he bother to whine about how the colors are "wrong" and send me color swatches. Afterward, he said, in exchange for being a pain in my ass when I was giving him free art in the first place, he'd pay me the price of a commission (I forget what I said it was). I WHOLEHEARTED agreed that the time I put into it was worth a commission price, and told him to do so. I gave him my contact info, and he says, "I'll pay you as soon as I get my next paycheck." Yeah, well unless he only gets one paycheck every six months, he's not held up his end of that bargain. AND I allowed him to print hard copies of the art on top of it, since it was a gift for his mate. We talked regularly for a few weeks afterward.

Anyway, I was willing to let this slide till the other day. After several months of not talking to me, he starts working me up to another commission. Knowing that I don't do free commissions anymore, he comes right out, and asks me how much it was gonna be. I tell him that I'm not really publically drawing art anymore, but since he was a friend, etc, etc, I'd do it, and it would cost approximately $25 for what he was asking me. He says, "Okay, I'll pay you for it next time I get my paycheck." This is when a little red light goes off on my head, and I tell him he has to pay up front. Now, this was about a week or two ago, and I haven't heard a -word- from Realis since.

Whilst talking to another artist friend, who was doing free commissions for a very long time (digital), I discover he's got a similar story. Realis set up to have a comission done... just one, at first. Even though Realis is again receiving FREE FREAKIN' ART, he asks the my friend to rework it. My friend is notoriously soft hearted, and complies with this. Later, Realis asks for a second picture, and my friend does that one as well. Realis goes even FURTHER in asking my friend for something like FIVE PICTURES for whatever his purposes were. After the completion and MUCH REWORKING of about three of them, Realis dropped off of my friend's radar entirely. He does not talk or communicate anymore.

It is more than clear to me, that Realis is milking artists for all they're worth, particularly those that are giving away free art. Now, you know, free art IS free art, but I think anyone who asks you to rework free art that isn't a gross misinterpretation of character is just a bitch. On top of that, he's shafted me money. I have a strong suspicion that he thought I would start commissioning that third drawing before I received payment, and that he'd receive it before he paid; and attempt me out again, without payment, EVEN THOUGH he SAYS he's going to pay for it. I wouldn't put it beyond this guy to say he's going to pay you, and then not do so. Demand payment up front, or just don't work with Realis. Please advise others of this.

On a personal note: I'm sorry Realis, you're a nice guy, personally speaking, but if you're gonna be an art whore, have the money to back up all your talk of payment. I don't care if you're a friend of a friend. That doesn't mean you should get away with the rip-off scheme you're running, time and time again. >:(


I should note that this came up while the friend I mentioned was telling me about his commissions with Naya. She runs the site, AKA Moira Jackal Costuming. Now, I haven't my own experiences to run from here, but he said that he paid her $120 commission to make him bunny ears, tail, and paws. She gave him a one-month estimate. At the end of that month she hadn't even started doing it. She gave my friend some sob story. Two months go by, and she only has PART of the ears done. She takes "progress pictures" for my friend. Friend tells me that these ears looked like REALLY low grade work. It hits a three-month marker. Now, this three month marker is the -absolute- deadline, because this ear/tail/paw thing was supposed to be a gift to someone. Naya has still neglected to finish it. She offered to refund my friend, but says that she "can't refund the materials for the ears", and that the remainder is $40. (Does that sound just a LITTLE unbalanced to anyone else??) My friend tells her to keep the money. (Etc, etc, etc.) Friend never receives goods, never receives REFUND. Since that's not my story, take it as you want to, but I'd look into the operations of Naya before dealing with her.


I should advise not to do art trades with Spug AKA dirty_baka AKA desensitized, (VCL & FA, LJ, and DA respectively), unless they are yaoi. I asked her to do an art trade with me YEARS ago. She shortly thereafter, disappeared. I saw someone gripe about her on LJ recently; she was doing such-and-such. I related the story to them. She eventually found said story, contacted me through someone we're mutual with, and promised to do the end of the art trade. I give her all the info. A month and a half later, maybe longer, I inquire about it. She says she needs the details. AGAIN. Uh. No. I'm not going to badger you to draw my effin' character for six months. I've got better things to do, and I can probably draw her better myself. I actually just kind of had the desire to smooth things over. As, like many art bitches, she is kind of cool. Other than the whole art-bitch thing.

Well, that's it. I'm out.
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