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Need some advice.

A couple months ago I made a partial fursuit for someone. When it left my house, it was fine. I had checked the seams, pulled them and went over a couple others I thought were iffy. All of the fursuits I make have a 6 month warranty. They can send it back to me and I will fix whatever problem, free of charge. He was happy with it all, agreed to the warranty and left with the suit.

I get a call from a friend a few days ago telling me that my commissioner came to her to fix a popped seam in the head. Which is fine, whatever, but then she notices I could have sewn the arms on the shirt and pants a little better, so she fixed that, and told me how to make sure that doesn't happen in the future as well as giving me advise for sewing the neck to the head. Which is fine, I like critique and advise on how to make things better.

BUT apparently she thinks I did the head wrong, in the way of the moving jaw. Now, it works perfectly when you have it on right. I showed the commissioner before he left with the suit, how to wear the head to make the jaw work. He did it, and it works. My friend says when he uses the moving jaw it doesn't work, and it hits his sternum. He isn't wearing it right. is a video of the head. The jaw works and isn't hitting the sternum.

Now something else was mentioned that wasn't mentioned to me when he took the suit. He says the vision is bad... I have a suit of my own, made by Media (Spook) and the vision in the suit I made is about 30 times better than my "professionally" made personal one. So he wants all mesh eyes now.

Now, he wants a $200 refund, or for me to re-make the head since things needed to be fixed with the stitching and the head is apparently wrong. Which I don't think is fair when it works perfectly fine, It worked perfectly fine on him when he left after I showed him how to wear it, and he could have sent the sleeves to me to fix with his warranty.

I don't know what to do, I don't have 200 dollars to give him and I don't have money or materials to make another head for him. (Which if he wore the head right he wouldn't need it anyway) He's wearing it too far forward. And since my friend fixed the seam issue (which I could have done which is part of the warranty) there shouldn't be a problem...

Please help.


I've written out my contract, please let me know what you think.

I'm also planning on getting in touch with this commissioner tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.

:::More EDIT:::

I have sent him a note:

Which he has read and hasn't responded to.


Here's the response over IMs I got from him. I think it's been worked out. And I think I handled myself ok.
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