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problems with a friend

well, earlier this year, I had an old fixer-upper bodysuit/handpaws/tail/footpaws and a friend of mine decided to get it, however, she has a habit of disappearing and not paying for things or not doing what she's been paid to do lately.

its getting very difficult to contact her, I've posted on her FA in shouts and notes [which hasn't been updated in months] and also tried phoning her and such to no avail, its either not picked up or cuts off for some reason.

I'd go over to her house, but its a fair trek without the garuntee she'd even be there.

I've resorted to having my partner text her [he gets free texts, I don't] and I was assured she'd pay for the suit as soon as she was paid for something else [a german shepard suit she was asked to do] which wasn't what she told me she'd be doing when she took the suit home with her... I didn't have the room for it, so I let her, seems you can't even trust 'friends' you've had for 8 years or more now, eh?

its not ALOT of money, its £100, but thats what I was going to put towards my rent this month, which i'm now out-of-pocket for.

she said she would be paying me BEFORE eurofurence, when is coming up in just over a week. and I've had no contact from her in weeks, probably closer to a month. looking at her FA shouts, she's also been screwing over others as well... now I HATE to be like this to someone who I consider a friend, but honestly? making someone wait 4 YEARS for a suit made of funfur, telling them its finished when its still barely half way done is NOT on.

when I tried talking to her about it being wrong in person the last time I saw her, I got the idea it would just start an argument, so I dropped it :/

I told the guy to post his case here, but he hasn't yet... so the jist of the problem for him is: paid over $500 for a suit made of funfur, told it was finished about a year ago, its stil not finished or shipped, and it was ordered 4 years ago. I've seen it myself in person.

she also owes people art from RBW last year [last september] and still hasn't completed the orders either.

is there any way to really approach a friend who has a fair bit of a temper and tell them what their doing is REALLY out of order?

according to her facebook [i don't use facebook, my partner does] she updated saying something along the lines of being single again, so I don't really want to start up more drama and seem like a 'heartless bitch' when she's going through relationship issues, but honestly? your RL employer isn't going to care if you've had a break up or you cat died or whatever, they just want what they paid you for in a timely manner/before the specified deadline.

anyway. rambling finished, i know its a miss-mash of problems here, but they all have a common root :/

her FA is
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