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Someone is Using my Username on Ebay

Okay, I'm not sure if I should be asking about this on this comm as it's not so much 'artist' related but this is worrying as this could probably have an effect on me.

I've used the net handle of starrypawz for five or so years, it's the name I go buy on deviantart, my blog and well the internet in general so most people know me as starry or starrypawz. I'm a member of the My Little Pony Arena and recieved a message saying

"Hi there,

just wondered if you were also Starrypawz on Ebay? If you are, you've purchased one of my Dolly Mix ponies, and I've heard nothing from you in nearly a month. Please let me know if you want it.

Kerry (*angelberries* on Ebay)"

Now. I've never joined Ebay and don't have any intention of doing so, this has set off an alarm in my head. I've found this person and they joined on the 15th July 2010 and have 20 feedback with 1 neg. Can you offer any advice to me? I can't contact this person or Ebay unless I use my brother's account and I don't know if Ebay can do anything to help. It's quite worrying as my username isn't one you'd probably see copied (if I had something like starry92  that would be likley)

So, can I do anything, apart from just inform the internet that 'starrypawz on Ebay is not me!'?

Tags: advice for artists

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