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**RESOLVED** FA Artist - FancyMissLady - missing commission

*EDIT 8-18-2010 7:19 AM EST - Ms Fancy has emailed me my art (which is very good) and I feel all is resolved now**

Much as I hate to do a "bad artist" post, I am VERY frustrated with this artist. After waiting 7 months for a ref sheet commission and asking for a refund, she said the piece was finished so she would not give me a full refund (which I could understand) but she would like to email me the piece instead. Ok, fine. I should have stuck to my guns and said "no, money plz" but I am a bit too nice to people so I said that was fine. Still no art. I have no proof the art is/was finished. I got a sketch to approve in March and that has been the only thing I have seen indicating she was working on my art. She is now taking a "hiatus" from FA, so I have no idea if she saw my last note to her or not.


I am sending an email to her paypal email as well to see if she can get my art to me, but this seemed to warrant an artist_beware post.

**Side note** She did complete a badge I asked for after the ref sheet commission, so I was hoping ALL experiences with her would be positive.

Screencaps are linked at the bottom.

Story : On January 19, 2010 I asked this artist (at the time her FA username was 0ka - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/0ka/) to do a 3-pose ref sheet. Her price was $25.

I managed to forget to paypal her the money until Jan 25, so I consider that the "start date". We agreed on a mid-Feburary completion date, as I had no real rush on getting the ref sheet.

At the end of Feb, I asked if there was any update as I had not heard from her. She has the sketch for me to approve. Should have been finished, but I didn't *NEED* the art for any particular reason, so I let it slide. I cannot find the sketch anywhere now so I don't even have THAT now :\ But it was ok except for the tail, so I let her know.

Beginning of April - I asked for status. She said she was going to mail me the sketch. I still have yet to receive that.

May 13th, she noted me apologizing for the delays but she left my art at her fiancee's house. I asked again in June and it was NOT at her fiancee's house, but a friend of his somewhere far away.

August 12th. She has it! She will have it uploaded the next day!

August 16th - still nothing uploaded. Only a new journal saying she is taking a hiatus, sorry if people are waiting for stuff. Um...what??

SS of FA journal : http://cerari.com/Fancy_FAJournal.jpg

So I noted her saying the delays had reached the unacceptable point and I would like a refund.
She said she'd really like to get me my art, but wouldn't be able to refund the whole thing since it was finished.

I agreed to have her email me the art. Surprise surprise, still nothing.

Screencaps of the notes between us (super big image)


So....I have no art still. No proof that it is done except "she said so". She is AWOL. At this point, I'm almost at the point of writing her off all together and not caring if I get money or art from her...but I want her to complete SOMETHING for me - either refund my money (ALL of it since there is no proof it is done) or give me the art I paid for 7 months ago.

If anyone is thinking about commissioning her, please do not. I have since heard this is an ongoing issue of people not getting work she has been paid for. I wish the situation was different, but it is what it is.
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