Danielle (zoey911) wrote in artists_beware,


I commissioned her at FurFright 2009 for a fattie. I've been waiting since then and a couple weeks to a month ago, finally emailed her about a refund. She told me she would refund me as soon as she got the money to. Ok fine. I waited 2 more weeks and emailed her again. Ignored. Posted a comment on her FA page about it. Ignored. Then finally commented on a journal of hers telling her she likes to dodge emails and notes. She then decided to tell me that she emailed me back. I told her that I only got that one email from her and nothing else. I haven't heard from her since. I even gave her my paypal address to send the money back to. Just a warning to people wanting to commission her. You may never get it, or never get a refund.

She refunded me, without me having to email her again.
Tags: artist-leelee/bigblueraptor/bigbluedrago, artist-leelee/sofboi, resolved
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