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Just a friendly warning to all artists and users about Kurokitten87 on FA ( http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kurokitten87/ ). About 3-4 months ago, she wanted to buy all of my Pokemon cards off of me for the price of $125 and a sketchbook filled with whatever I want. She sent me the first payment of $25 along with postage to send half of the cards out to her. I sent em out, everything went well, then it came around time for the next payment. She didn't have it. Ok, so I gave her a couple more weeks, and still got nothing.

It's been till now, that I -still- have NOT recieved another payment, AND I have to keep asking for updates, otherwise she just ignores the fact she owes me money. I've by now told her to keep her money, after she keeps telling me she has no job, and is currently paying for physical therapy.

There's a couple of other artists she owes money to now, and has still yet to pay them (Keitelwolf and NiobeNox).

I would highly suggest not taking a commission from her, unless you get the money upfront.

Editing with some note screenshots. Unfortunately this is all I have now.

Here's the 3 paypal transactions I got from her. One 2 for shipping and one payment.

Tags: beware, comm-izzyideshi/kitnabarii/kurokitten87
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