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Using Paypal for payments?

Okay, newish to this comm and asking for advice, since the original convo that confused me was found here. If you click the "company-Paypal" tag you'll see the one I am talking about.

I've recently begun taking commissions, and I have heard here and elsewhere that proper protocol for accepting payments is to ask the commissioner to use the payment owed option. However in the convo, it seems using that 'too much' can get your account locked, and other people also disagreed with it for some arbitrary reasons I can't discern?

Now, I don't often send payments through paypal myself and when I do there is an invoice so I don't have to really do much except click pay, but I am wondering, am I doing the right thing here? How should I recommend my commissioners send their payments to me if not via the Payment Owed option?

I know that you can NOT ask for payments via the gift option, and as far as I know the Payment Owed option is the only way to ensure that that person would have the ability to file a claim, which I hope never happens, but I want people to have the option to if they feel its necessary.

So, what is the best way to recommend your commissioners send money to you when using Paypal? I don't really care about fees since all my commission money is extra money not bill money as it is for some people, so that is not too much of a concern as long as they don't take like $5 a payment or something.

Once again: I do not care about the fees. I am not trying to get people to cover the fees. I don't know how people started thinking I am. All I want to know is what to recommend they do when they send money to me, and is what I am doing right now, asking them to send it as payment owed, okay.
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