flarveon (flarveon) wrote in artists_beware,

Problem finding commissioner:

Hey there,

I was commissioned a bit ago for two gryphons in a fighting scene with a 'robin hood' doberman anthro after this person won an auction of mine for this style commission from furbuy/furbid and was looking to find this person as my email with all the details, paypal etc has been hacked and everything deleted.  This person has already paid and to stop this inconvenience i'm offering to RETURN the money as the paypal they sent it to was shut down, therefore i'm unable to find their paypal to return it to and I cannot access my account at all.  I have a new email, and its akemi_inukami@hotmail.com if you want this refund! 

I'm highly upset about this but have been looking for a while to find this person, I feel giving them the art that I HAVE completed won't be enough so this is why you will be refunded when I find you!
Tags: lost contact

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