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Is Darzi Paying Back Refunds Or Is It Just More Excuses?

So after all of this with me


and apparently more of this that ulariogryphon has had to deal with


Plus a whole slew of other people who have been burned by Darzi but her unexpected hyatis from doing her commission work. Has ANYBODY gotten any refunds from her??? Like received actually payment back for their spent money they gave her for ANYTHING and got nothing in return but grief?

As of June 23rd Darzi FINALLY, after months of pestering her and getting a damn lawyer (who is luckily a friend of the family doing stuff for me for next to nothing) involved, started contacting me again to promise she was going to start paying me back a refund in installments. So weeks go by and she has been saying that there are others in line ahead of me. (Well, I mean, I've already been waiting over A YEAR so how many could that possibly be right) Anyway, just happy I think I'm finally making progress so I have been patiently waiting the past two months for some compensation of the $400+ dollars I paid her over a year ago. SO yea.... not even $5.00 bucks yet. Just more excuses. Seriously... I feel like I just keep getting the same crap regurgitated at me over and over and I am just too understanding and keep swallowing it.

So my question is, who are these people getting these supposed refunds? IS ANYONE actually getting refunds? If so, maybe I'll sit tight for a few more weeks and give the girl a chance, but I have a feeling nobody is getting paid back squat and this girl is just trying to stall me until my statute of limitations for bringing her ass to court passes so she can just write me off.

So can anybody help me out here?

Oh... I tried tagging this Darzi/sneezyweasles but I cant seem to get it to load right.
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