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A known commissioner wants to buy my MLPs

Not sure if this is on topic enough, but I need to ask about an active commissioner who does a lot of business with this community.

A rather infamous drama community favorite buys tons of commissions, so I'm assuming she's a good customer.
She approached me not about art, but about my My Little Pony collection.  She expressed an interest in buying some and I'm trying to downsize.  I'd really like to do this, but her reputation for drama kind of has me scared. 
Can people surrounded by drama be reliable customers?  Should I give her name and just ask for her commissioned artists to speak about their experiences with her?  I don't want to get in a position where I get stiffed or dragged around.

[Edit] I should specify it is Anailaigh 
Tags: advice for artists, comm-anailaigh
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